Brand Registrations
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Crealegis provides legal and commercial services specialized in intellectual property and branding, focused on valuing, managing and protecting creations to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and creations, in Ecuador and around the world through our associate correspondents.

Our company was founded by the Abg. Msc. María Gabriela Campoverde Soto, with more than ten years of experience in advising, protecting and managing intangible assets in our country. Our team always works with capacity and knowledge, being our main engine to serve our customers and accompany them in the development of their potential creatives.


Brands and Distinctive Signs

Brands and Distinctive Signs
Our area of ​​Trademarks and Distinctive Signs offers comprehensive and personalized advice, specialized and focused on protection, processing and registration, in Ecuador and abroad.
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Copyright and Related Rights
At Crealegis, our team of lawyers specialized in Copyright and Related Rights is dedicated to providing advice on this matter for its proper protection and defense in all related aspects.
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Trade and Industrial Secrets
Our team of lawyers offers the service of detection and advice in the compilation of undisclosed information of your company or business, for your registration.
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Franchises, Licensing and Technology Transfer
A franchise requires the license to use intangible assets and there must necessarily be knowledge transfer. The decision to acquire or develop a franchise involves the detailed analysis of aspects of intellectual property and commercial issues.
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Patents and other industrial property rights
The inventions allow obtaining a competitive advantage through Intellectual Property. Our team offers advice on the strategy of protection of designs and inventions, in the preparation, processing, maintenance, monitoring and defense of patent applications, industrial designs and utility models in Ecuador.
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Management and Management of Intellectual Property Assets
With a vision to boost the creative, cultural and business industries of our country, CREALEGIS offers the respective management and advice so that clients can receive economic benefits from their creations.
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We offer the service of negotiation, writing and accompaniment during its execution of all types of intellectual property, commercial, confidentiality, distribution, strategic alliances, etc.
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Audit and Intellectual Property Organization
Our team has the knowledge, skills and experience to identify and organize the intangible assets of your business. We deliver a report with the diagnosis and status of each.
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Vegetable varieties
We offer the services of plant variety protection, negotiation of royalty contracts and execution of the corresponding rights.
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Customs Services
We offer legal services in the customs area that allows you to boost or develop your business, such as: sanctioning processes, prescription of outstanding obligations, domain transfers, tax exemption, household items, consultation of tariffs, administrative claims, resources, lifting of guarantee and border measures of intellectual property.
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Domain names
We advise on the strategy, registration and maintenance of domain names and disputes over domain names and brands.
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Health records
We advise natural persons, local and foreign companies before the competent entity in obtaining and modifying health records. We offer legal services that allow you to boost or develop your business, such as: operating permits, closing of establishments, certificates of good practices or food handling, labeling, pharmacy requirements management, change of business name, brand or franchise , change of legal representative or technical responsible, food handling, among others.
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“ Each song is a part of me, that's why I put it in the care of complete professionals who feel it in the same way.”
Mirella Cesa