Abg. Msc., María Gabriela Campoverde Soto

We want a candidate who makes a real commitment to the culture and creativity of our country. May he appreciate the richness of our diverse and complex culture, the extraordinary talents of our creators, the invaluable knowledge and ancestral knowledge of our country, the booming artistic and theatrical sectors, our traditions, and potential gastronomic movements, of our denominations of origin, of our artisans, filmmakers, writers, musicians, designers.

A commitment that goes beyond tax incentives, which are undoubtedly necessary. A clear vision that culture and creativity are inherent in the human being, and as such, consist of human rights. A country as diverse as ours, which must elevate and nurture our identity. Our mix of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, peasants, Montubios, mestizos; our different ways of thinking, of being, of doing, make us unique. A state policy that leads us to unity and peace, that understands that through culture, art and creativity we feed ourselves, and likewise, it can be the bridge that unites us.

We want a 360 degree plan for the access, participation and appreciation of the cultural, artistic and creative life of all Ecuadorians. That the institutions related to these rights and cultural assets have a decent budget to ensure their enjoyment, dissemination, production, and integration.

Art, culture and creativity are the pillars for the development and creation of open societies. Its components are inclusion and plurality, which allows a more egalitarian, non-discriminatory country that elevates its identity and respect for human dignity in all its forms. A country of consensus, a territory that loves its own diversity and its gold mine: its people, its culture, its art, its creativity.

We want a government that recognizes the great role of creators, creatives, and artists in our society. That it serves these strategic sectors, which have been hit especially hard during the Covid-19 pandemic. A government that understands the value of the cultural heritage that is at stake. Rulers and authorities who understand as inconceivable that talents are lost by not being cared for and that humanity is deprived of our cultural treasures.

Art, culture, creativity must be part of the public debate so that they are given the place they deserve on the political agenda. They must have their chair insured in decisions that concern Ecuadorians. They, the artists, the creators, the creatives, of all nationalities, genders, ethnicities, color, religion, language, they are, let’s not forget, those who continue to make their creations, their art and their talents available to the public. It is they who will help us rebuild this country.