Franchises, Licensing and Technology Transfer

At Crealegis we take care of advising both the one who acquires a franchise and the one who develops and grants it. Our services consist of the following proceedings:

For the Franchiser (developer of the Franchise)

  • Preparation and Protection of Operating Manuals

This is the work leading up to the development of the franchise. It contains between 7 – 10 chapters and covers all topics related to the operation and know how to be licensed.

  • Diagnosis of intangible assets and their protection (Audit – IP Due Dilligence)

We identify the intangible assets of your franchise and the status of each. The respective protections are made so that the franchise has value.

  • Drafting of Franchise Agreement and Usage Licenses

We take care of the drafting to the execution of franchise contracts, licensing, technical assistance, distribution, among others.

For the Franchise (acquirer of the Franchise)

  • Diagnosis of intangible assets (Audit – IP Due Dilligence)

In any business relationship or transaction involving knowledge and technology, it is necessary to confirm that in fact, the owner of such intangible asset, knowledge and technology, has the right to license or transfer it.

Our team verifies the validity and relevance of the intellectual property that is the subject of the commercial relationship. It is also investigated with respect to the rights of third parties that could interfere with the situation.

  • Advice on Franchise Agreement and Use Licenses

The Crealegis team advises and accompanies you throughout the transaction. Our services include the negotiation, drafting of the franchise contract and accompaniment during its execution.