Brands and Distinctive Signs

Our Trademarks and Distinctive Signs department protects and takes care of the following:

  • Traditional brands (denominational, graphic and mixed)
  • Non-traditional (olfactory, sound, tactile, three-dimensional)
  • Packaging or label designs
  • Image brand
  • Collective brands
  • Certification marks
  • Appellations of origin
  • Trade names
  • Commercial slogans
  • Distinctive appearances
  • Oppositions
  • Impeached Resources
  • Nullity or Cancellation Actions
  • Administrative Guardianship

The services we offer are as follows:

  • Registration of distinctive signs

Our Firm is responsible for the drafting and filing of the application for registration of a distinctive sign. We follow up at all stages of the procedure: examination of formalities, publication of the intellectual property gazette, examination of recordability, issuance of the resolution and the title.

  • Background and Recordability Search

We conducted an unofficial background check of the chosen name at no additional cost. It is further recommended to carry out the official search. With the results obtained we develop a report that determines the possibilities of the success of the registration.

  • Brand Subscription Analysis

We give you a detail with the international class or classes that we recommend to adequately protect the distinctive sign.

  • Rights surveillance

We offer the trademark and distinctive sign watch service, which consists of the revision of the Intellectual Property Gazette in Ecuador to determine when a similar or identical mark of interest is published. We will notify you so that they have the opportunity to object if they believe it could affect your brand. It also includes prior notice of the expiration of your intangible asset for the term of the mark and distinctive sign.