Patents and other industrial property rights

We are responsible for the registration of national phase patent applications in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), as well as in accordance with the Paris Convention. The services we offer are as follows:

  • Patent processing, utility models and industrial designs

Our Firm is responsible for the drafting, filing, processing of the patent application, utility models and industrial designs. We carry out the monitoring at all stages of the process. We include the professional review of formal requirements, as well as those of claims, reporting and answering of substantive examinations.

  • State-of-the-art or background search and Patentability Analysis

We carry out an official search of the state of the art and background of the invention, to determine the novelty, validity and freedom of use, as well as the analysis of other inventions previously registered.

  • Maintenance and monitoring of rights

We offer the service of keeping your industrial property rights in force over your inventions. The watch service consists of the revision of the Intellectual Property Gazette in Ecuador to determine when a patent of interest is published. It also includes prior notice of the expiration of your intangible asset for the term of the mark and distinctive sign.